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Ford Transit Crew Cab SR5 & Globelyst Van Racking System

"I contacted Sortimo to have shelving installed in my work vehicle. Kerry was very helpful straight away. I came in on very short notice and we went through what I was thinking of and ideas of his. 

I had a quote and plan by the end of day and start date again to help us out after a cancelation on our side. He quickly reorganised our job and got it in and completed to help us out and to get us back to work. 

The work on completion was better than we thought it would be, making things so much easier for us getting back to work. This company is the place to go to for vehicle shelving. Very knowledgeable and very good tidy work. We just love the work he has done and the extra mile he went for us. Thank you very much Kerry and his team."

Mike Ashby, Ashby Plumbing And Gas Fitting

Contact us below to find out more about Sortimo SR5 van racking systems.

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