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FR5 – The Flexible Folding Rack For Vans

FR5 van racking – Specially designed for courier, express delivery and parcel services – offers maximum flexibility with maximum use of loading space.

The flexible folding van racking offers unique advantages

FR5 is a space saver that has been specially developed for the CEP industry. The shelves are adjustable in three dimensions and can therefore be customised to the size of the load. The narrow aluminium side profiles adapt perfectly to the vehicle's silhouette, ensuring maximum freedom of movement and ergonomics even when the shelves are fully loaded. This not only increases the motivation of delivery personnel, but also significantly increases productivity.

Individuality: FR5 can be individually configured according to personal needs.
Maximum organisation: Shelves with border can be labelled using mySortimo labels.
Maximum safety: for driver and load thanks to ProSafe integration.
Ease of handling: The shelves can be folded up or down with one hand.

Stable and resilient: Suitable for heavy loads up to 100 kg
Maximum flexibility: thanks to folding shelves.
Protected cargo: The GripMaxx shelf with integrated anti-slip edge avoids crushing the bottom of parcels.
Time-saving: The ProPartition with door means the loading space can be entered from the driver’s cab.

Maximum flexibility and ease-of-use

FR5 adapts to the load thanks to its folding shelves. It can be operated with just one hand and clicks into place automatically so that the shelves can be folded up and down even in stressful situations.

Optimum utilisation of loading space

The custom design of FR5 for your vehicle makes an ideal installation situation possible. The lateral aluminium profiles are designed in such a way that they adapt to different vehicle silhouettes and take up as little space as possible.

BOXXes integration for more tidiness

By integrating SR-BOXXes, FR5 can be extended further into a van racking system. The SR-BOXXes can be locked to the shelves hanging or standing on them using plastic slides.


FR5 can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the load at any time – with just one hand. The ProSafe load securing system also contributes to quick and easy lashing of loads.

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