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5 months and over 20,00kms later, here's what Gerard has to say about the Sortimo system installed in his van.

"I see the lock ability of shelves not falling out and its visual situation where you can see where everything is, excellent. The boxes lock into place very well.

I’ve swapped a few things over from one side to the other and lost a few of the locking shelves to ordinary shelves for bigger product. And that’s worked well with different shapes of shelves where you’ve got a high slip or a low lip, that’s really good. Also making it easier to get things in and out of the shelves and to keep them in the shelves. The T-BOXXes are awesome and I’d have more of them if I could fit them in. They don’t make a bigger van unfortunately. The usability of this system is functionally better than our previous system.

The van and system are designed to be a mobile showroom and sales platform. I go round and see gas fitters around the country from Kaitaia down to Invercargil. And they come and choose particular product they want and it’s sold from the van. We use a location bin system so that when things are invoiced out there’s a sheet that shows up on the computer at work and shows what I’ve sold so we can just go out and pick that from the showroom and put it back into the van for a following trip the next week. 

I average probably 1,000 - 1,500kms a week. I just pick a location either north Auckland and Auckland and do both and the following week I might do Hamilton and then work my way back down to work. And the following week I might pick up Taranaki and the following week I’ll do Gisborne and the Hawkes Bay and then I’ve got a 2 week stint down in the South Island so it’s good.

I would recommend purchasing another Sortimo fit out going forward. With any fit out there can be changes to go forward, to make it work better. This is our first Sortimo fit out and I’m really really happy with it.

Changes I would make if we were starting again would be to move the whole shelving system forward to save a bit more space here to gain a bit more space at the rear of the vehicle and possibly put in another racking of shelves at the back. That’s all for another vehicle I suppose but with anything new you’re going to find the odd thing you could fix but it works perfectly well at the moment."

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