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Babcock International Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Fit Out

A mobile workshop for airport fleet maintenance.

Babcock purchased a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Sortimo were recommended to them to provide a van racking system. We worked alongside Robert from Babcock who was setting up their new Auckland Airport Fleet Maintenance operation at the International terminal.  Together we came up with a storage system that would house all the tools and consumables they require to repair and maintain a huge variety of airport equipment and vehicles.

Van racking fit out features included:

  • Removing the large tool box the technicians used to use and integrating that into part of our system by using our Sortimo drawers.
  • They needed to house fuels and other liquids in 20 litre containers. We provided a solution by using our own case fixing clamp which we fitted in the front/lower part of our Simpleco system.
  • A small work bench with a 100mm bench mounted swivel vice.
  • A storage solution to house specialist tools and testing equipment. We provided a Simpleco 6 series van rack with a mixture of modular L-Boxx and S-Boxx containers.
  • A lockable electrical hub to house battery, inverter and fuses etc. We recommended a lockable storage cupboard which is housed in our 2 series Globelyst system located at the rear passengers door.
  • Adjustable work lamps were installed by the sliding and rear doors which are controlled by way of switch panel on the side of the electrical hub.
  • A quick access I-Boxx First Aid Kitis attached to the end of the Simpleco system on the driver’s side.
  •  A Sortimo LED interior lighting system was installed from front to rear.
  • Milwaukee battery charging system for the technicians battery powered tools was mounted directly above the Electrical Hub.
  • A Compressor with 15 KPA capability. We used a 4 series Globelyst rack to house the compressor with 15 KPA capability. The start switch is panel mounted on the passenger’s door end.
  • Our 2 x 1.2m Sortimo ProSafe lashing rails provide secure storage space against the drivers partition board. The lashing points along the entire face of the rails provides you multiple points of attachment. 
  • We have used a storage pocket to house sanitisers/wipes and hand creams and a wall mounted bin to dispose of used wipes. This is to ensure hands are appropriately sanitised.
  • Fire extinguisher mounted inside of rear doors for quick access.

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