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Sortimo Pull-Out Loading Platforms

Sliding storage systems to suit any kind of light commercial vehicle.

These innovative sliding platforms allow for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment & machines and enables whatever you are carrying on them to be used outside the vehicle without having to laboriously lift them out.

Meet the modern needs of health & safety for yourself and your staff with a Sortimo pull-out platform.

With these platforms the loading space in your van, ute or SUV can be used into the furthest corner. The pull-out and push-in mechanism allows the platform to be pulled out of the vehicle by up to 2/3 and the permitted permitted payload is up to 250kg. As well as providing convenient access to whatever is being transported, the health and safety benefits of not having to over reach into the vehicle to remove heavy items is of real benefit.

Locked in place for safety and security.

To ensure absolute safety when driving, the pull-out is locked when it is retracted. The lock engages automatically when it is pushed in and when it is pulled out.

Stepless braking function for added peace of mind.

Especially on sloping terrain, the high load on a pull-out loading platform can be a danger for the operator if it moves towards them without braking. Sortimo has designed a brake that engages as soon as the operating handle is released, the pull-out is reliably brought to a standstill in any position.

Another safety-relevant detail is the rounded edges on the platforms which are made of soft elastomer plastic and will help prevent the risk of injury.

Integrated load securing system.

The ProSafe load securing system has been integrated into all our pull-out platforms. This feature gives you lashing points to secure your cargo all along the left and right sides of the platform. 

The ProSafe tensioning straps (available separately) are available in various lengths and easily click into the pre drilled holes.


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