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SR5 - The van racking system for enhanced productivity.

Sortimo have developed the fifth generation of van racking - it is an intelligent mobility system which offers the user maximum efficiency in day-to-day working. SR5 embodies 45 years of experience, passion and expertise in a single unit. It has been designed so that you can configure it in accordance with your individual requirements and compliant with the sector stipulations in mySortimo configuration.

Maximum load area exploitation, perfected workplace organisation and full compatibility with the tried and tested EcoSystem from Sortimo make SR5 the ideal partner in your day-to-day working.

SR5 van racking can be installed in any brand of commercial vehicle

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SR5 - full compatibility from the Sortimo EcoSystem

Everything fits! SR5 van racking not only ensures consistency in all work sequences, the intelligent shelf system fits seamlessly in the entire Sortimo system environment and guarantees complete compatibility over and above the limits of the system, allowing tool cases and BOXXes to be transported without barriers and securely.

BOXXes & Cases

BOXXes and Cases from Sortimo are the ideal solution for safe and organised transport of tools, machines, small components and consumables. They can be safely and easily integrated in the shelves of the racking system using the plastic slides or MultiSlides. Machines, tools and consumables can thus always be transported from the workshop to the individual site safely and neatly sorted.

ProSafe load securing system

The tried and tested ProSafe load securing system permits rapid and professional securing of the load being conveyed. It is the only load securing system that always functions in the original lashing points of light commercial vehicles, on the individual floor lashing points or wall rails or also integrated in van racking and roof racking systems. We also recommend the floor SoboPro, which already includes individual ProSafe lashing points.

Other manufacturers

Sortimo has also opened its system for products from other manufacturers to provide maximum benefit for its customers. For example, the new Hilti case can be fully integrated in the SR5 van racking. The Sortimo EcoSystem also offers full compatibility with various different manufacturers that use L-BOXXes as repackagĀ­ing for their consumables and tools. They are thus simply and quickly fitted into the SR5 and conveyed safely on site.

Our SR5 Van Racking Is Coming Soon - Get In Contact If You Would Like More Information

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