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Sortimo WorkMo. The modular mobile storage solution.

WorkMo mobile storage units can be assembled individually thanks to its modularity and can be used in any situation you can think of: as a mobile work bench, as a workshop trolley, as workshop shelves and as a mobile workplace.

The mobile and connectible WorkMo modules are available completely according to your individual requirements together with the Sortimo BOXXes and case assortment as well as drawers. A wide variety of accessories for the WorkMo provide the highest degree of functionality.

The WorkMo is also made unique by its compatibility with the Sortimo BOXXes programme. Various organisational solutions offer storage space for small parts and tools of all kinds. Diverse BOXX partnerships with suppliers of power and electric tools and mounting and fastening materials mean that full system compatibility is a given.

The WorkMo mobile storage principle.

Organising. Transporting. Working.

WorkMo mobile storage for your tools.

Tools and consumables are kept in exactly the right place in the drawers of the WorkMo. BOXXes and cases are integrated in the WorkMo using case pull-outs or full pull-outs. The full pull-outs have the benefit of letting you open the BOXXes and cases in the WorkMo to make the tools fully accessible.

WorkMo mobile storage for your vehicle.

Individual lashing eyes are recessed in the SoboPro floor, making lashing of the WorkMo in vehicles with ProSafe accessories quick and uncomplicated. In addition, every floor can be retrofitted with the WorkMo Fix positioning stop. This saves time and secures tools and materials in transit.

WorkMo mobile storage in your workplace.

The WorkMo can be turned into a mobile work bench with different worktops. More accessories, such as shelves and distribution sockets allow fast access to additional tools and material. This means it can be used in the workshop or on the building site.

WorkMo mobile storage for your work bench.

The WorkMo modules are available in various different widths (526 mm, 789 mm, 1,052 mm) and heights (506 mm, 744 mm). This lets you adapt the WorkMo to each working situation. If you have heavy work to carry out, for example, we recommend using the WorkMo height 750 (744 mm). If you have fine adjustment work, on the other hand, the ideal working height of one metre is achieved bu using two WorkMo 500 modules (each 506 mm) stacked one above the other.

Mobile work bench for your car, van and workshop


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