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Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd Hyundai iLoad Fit Outs

On-site maintenance technician SR5 van racking systems.

 As Sortimo is an international supplier to Coca-Cola we approached the NZ Distributors CCA (Now CCEP) to demonstrate how our Sortimo systems could be of benefit to their service operation here in New Zealand.

We worked closely with Cokes' Regional Technical Manager Romy Issar to create a safe, functional and flexible system that could be rolled out across their national fleet of service vehicles. We worked together using the online Sortimo configurator to create a system that would efficiently house the equipment their techs need on a day to day basis. This process went from the 3D design onto a Virtual Reality walk through to check the functionality of the system in an immersive 1:1 scale. Simple changes were made and retested. From this point the regional managers joined the consultation and introduced some final tweaks to the virtual model.

How to guides.

When completed we provided Coca-Cola with how to guides for their staff to learn the proper operation of the SR5 system.

During the consultation process we took special care to see how the technicians were working with some heavy equipment and their angles of operation and movement. The sliding platform with its integrated prosafe lashing points was suggested as a health & safety solution as this allows lifting at a safe height outside of the vehicle, reducing the amount of bending/twisting required when removing the heavy items. The platforms stepless braking feature and one movement return along with the intergrated Prosafe lashing system ticked all the boxes.

The S-BOXXes played a big part in the design as they provide excellent organization and secure storage of componentry when transported from site to site. The T-BOXXes offer the ability to store and organize a wide variety of small components and consumables that can easily be viewed through the clear lid, and just like the S-BOXXes they securely lock into place on the SR5 shelves.

A small ladder need to be located in the van and the most accessible place was against the bulkhead. Having the prosafe rails allows the ladder to be easily located and secured with the Sortimo strapping system and gives the flexibility to move the securing point easily to match the unit being secured.

We suggested a first aid kit be easily accessible from the work area and installed the quick release I-Box first aid kit at eye level, easily accessed from the curb side of the vehicles work space.

A detail we added was the Coca-Cola signage to the rear of the drawers to improve the branding and aesthetic of the install.

The end result is a safe and functional van racking system that provides Coca-Cola's technicians everything they need to perform their tasks.


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