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Keith Andrews Vito Van Fit Out

A mobile breakdown and repair van racking system.

Cory Dainton, the service manager from Keith Andrews contacted us as he was looking to upgrade their old van racking system to something more suitable for the kind of work they are using their breakdown van for. After consulting with Cory and Kevin Curran (Auckland Dealer Principal) to understand their requirements, we created a concept (below) and supplied to them for approval. 

An intelligent Sortimo system.

This system features a folding work bench with 100mm vice, S-Boxx containers that are securely held in place with slide rails and L-Boxx 102 containers that click together for easy transport.

The end result is a Sortimo van racking system that exceeded Keith Andrews expectations.

Keith Andrews now have a mobile breakdown van capable of carrying all the tools and consumables they need to tackle any job on the road. The Globelyst system on the passenger side features three 136 drawers which are ideal for housing tools and diagnostic equipment. The S-Boxx containers on top will be used to store parts and consumables and have dividers inside them to double their carrying capacity. 

At the front the Simpleco system has two shelves which we have installed dividers in which segments them into three seperate compartments. The drivers side Simpleco system was changed slightly from the initial concept to allow for larger containers to be stored underneath. These containers will be safely held in place with our Sortimo fixing clamp. The eight L-Boxx 102's are the perfect size to house smaller consumables & tools. We have included inserts of different sizes in the top two boxes to keep small components like fuses, connectors and terminals stored in an ordered fashion.

Cory and Kevin are both very happy with the end result and may upgrade more of their fleet to this new standard in the future.

Click and drag around the image below to see the system we installed in 360°.

Contact us below to find out more about Sortimo van racking systems.

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