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L-BOXX G Range - Lid Insert


The EPP rigid foam lid insert is the perfect addition to your L-BOXX 238 G, L-BOXX 374 G or LS-BOXX 306 G. It seals the tops of the inset boxes and small component trays are stored in the BOXX, preventing their contents from becoming mixed up, saving you time-consuming sorting and searching for small components once you have arrived on site.

  • Seals the top of inset boxes or small component trays
  • Prevents the contents from becoming mixed up
  • Saves time and optimises workflow

Technical Details:

Suitable for
L-BOXX 238 GL-BOXX 374 GLS-BOXX 306 GL-BOXX 102 (pre-1.05.2018)L-BOXX 136 (pre-1.05.2018)L-BOXX 238 (pre-1.05.2018)L-BOXX 374 (pre-1.05.2018)LS-BOXX 306 (pre-1.05.2018)

EPP Plastic

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