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WorkMo 24-500 3BB 2 x LB136


WorkMo 24-500 3BB 2 x LB136

This WorkMo Module has three BOXX compartments, two of which are equipped with L-BOXX 136's. The top section serves as a compartment for small components and perfectly fits a L-BOXX 136. The L-BOXX is ideal for transporting materials and work tools. Due to a wide range of extension possibilities such as e.g. inset boxes, dividers, small component trays and many others, you can flexibly incorporate subsections into your L-BOXX for clear arrangements and organisation.

The WorkMo can transform into a mobile workstation to enable you to work ergonomically anywhere you may be as it serves as a mobile workshop. The system can be made mobile by the adding the WorkMo roller board.

Technical Details:

Maximum capacity in kg100
Grid width2
Grid depth4
Weight17,2 kg
Interior measurements (LxWxH)450,0 x 365,0 x 416,0 mm
Measurements (LxWxH)610 x 470 x 575 mm
Maximum lid capacity in kg100

Ref. No.:  1000003820 | Match code: SET WO 24-500 LB3

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