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WorkMo 24-500 3BB and 3xL-BOXX 102


This WorkMo is equipped with three BOXX compartments, each including one L-BOXX 102. Due to a wide range of extension possibilities such as e.g. inset boxes, dividers, small component trays and many others, you can flexibly incorporate subsections into your L-BOXX providing more individuality, clear arrangement and organisation.

The WorkMo can be transformed into a mobile workstation at your workplace and enables you to work ergonomically. The system is made mobile by adding the WorkMo roller board.

Technical Details

Maximum capacity in kg100
Grid width2
Grid depth4
Weight18,1 kg
Interior measurements (LxWxH)450,0 x 365,0 x 416,0 mm
Measurements (LxWxH)610 x 465 x 570 mm
Maximum lid capacity in kg100

Ref. No.:  1000003815 | Match code: SET WO 24-500 LB1

SKU: 10034

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